The World - Wide Hash Only for For Hash Founders.

All Founder's Hats are embroidered with your Unique Founder's # and your Hash Handle

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Rear of Founders Hats

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The Founders Hash (a.k.a. the Global Emeritus Hash), consists of people who were responsible for founding a substantial hash.

The object is to keep the spirit of the Hash Founders in one International Hash.

There are over 190 founders from all over the world, check out the founders already in the circle

To qualify as a Founder, your hash must run at least monthly, and have lasted for at least 12 months.

The Founders Hats are only made to order and are a mark of distinction for all Hash Founders. (Cost is GBP £24 which includes embroidery and world wide postage)

That is the cost of getting the rare Global Emeritus Hash Hat (individually numbered) to match your listing on the Members page.

Payment by Paypal (If you are eligible), order here

If you want more info, please contact us.